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1stGrandparent.com is dedicated to delivering information about Grandparents for themselves as well as their family. Grandparents are defined as two generations prior to you, meaning the persons responsible for creating your parents. We will also discuss Great Grandparents within this web site and those are persons three generations prior to you.

Historically speaking, grandparents played a much larger role in the relationship of raising and caring for grandchildren. Often in situations today where the parents or not able or not available to provide care for the grandchildren, the grandparents become the primary caregivers.

Besides biological grandparents, a person can also be a step-grandparent.


When two persons who share the same grandparents, but are not siblings, they are called first cousins because the grandparents are the same for your parents and your parents’ brothers and sisters.

Grandparents are often referred to by many terminology such as grandpa, grandma, grandad, grandmama, grandfather, grandmother, gramps, granny, and many other slang terms.

Because a person may have two living sets of grandparents, additional name variations may exist for reference to grandparents, since it would be confusing to call both female or male grandparents the same name.



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